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Whether you choose Hewitt Inspection, or one of the areas other licensed home inspectors, you will be giving yourself a distinct advantage over other home buyers or sellers that choose to go it alone. Our motivation is simple: give our clients the best report possible so that they can go into a home sale knowing what the issues are. Would you buy a vehicle without looking under the hood? Most of us want to know what we're getting for our money. 

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Now that you've received your home inspection report, what happens next? You have a few choices, some of which should be done by your agent. If issues are found that would require substantial costs to fix you could ask that the seller repair or replace the items of concern. Or, you could ask the seller to pay you to fix them. Another option is to ask that the price of the property be reduced based on serious defects found during an inspection. Lastly, you could walk away from the sale. While this may seem like an obvious choice to make if the inspection turns up major issues, some clients have already become emotionally attached to their prospective new home. But, those clients will have saved thousands of dollars potentially by walking away from a 'money pit'.

By using a licensed home inspector service to find minor or major issues with a home you put yourself in a better position to have these issues fixed prior to the sale of the home. Also, you can negotiate the selling price or ask that the homeowner fix the issues themselves, saving you time and money.

Selling a home? Why not become aware of issues that could affect the sale of your home? We offer homeowners two different inspection options; a full home inspection with report, or a half-price consultation in which we take the pictures of any issue we may find, explain the issue with you, and give you advice on how to correct the issue. All you have to do is take notes. This way, you do not get surprised by expensive defects that the buyers inspector may find.

After the inspection

One comment made to us on numerous occasions sums up our services rather well; "Best money we've ever spent." We might not be the most inexpensive home inspection company, nor are we the biggest, but we give our clients the best possible product for their investment. We don't stuff the report packet with unnecessary booklets or referral sheets, and we don't hurriedly produce your report with a portable printer on site. We conduct one inspection per day so that we can focus on our clients report. Our clients matter to us.

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